LOVE YOURSELF: A pratical guide!

If you were to name all the things you love, where would YOU appear on that list?
Probably towards the end. After your partner and kids, your parents, girlfriends, colleagues, and your pet.
If you tend to come in last, then you’re forgetting the most important someone of all.
Especially this month, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re turning the list upside down and reminding you to love yourself, as a woman, as an equal, as the only YOU that has ever or will ever be. And that means putting yourself first. How? Read on.

1. Manifest self-love

It is easy to want to love yourself. Actually loving yourself can be tricky, especially when you are feeling down or when you have ten other people and things you need to take care of…
This is where mindfulness can really help.
According to the practice of mindfulness, anything you can imagine, you can make possible. So imagine yourself in situations that you want to manifest. You can do the same to build self-love with this simple exercise:
Sit in a comfortable position where you won’t be disturbed, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Then, imagine how it might feel if you were to be loving to yourself. What does that look like? What emotions does it bring out? What colors and sounds arise? Meditate on this for a few minutes every day, and you’ll soon find that the path to self-love becomes clearer.

2. Create perfect me-time moments

So far, we’ve discussed how to feel self-love. But people also do things for the ones they love. Giving a gift or a hug, preparing a meal or offering a ride – these are all things you give to others. But you can give to yourself too by making time for “me-time”.
Go for a walk in nature. Learn an instrument. Read your favorite author or give yourself a foot massage with a soothing nature-sourced scrub. There is no right or wrong – whatever feels good for you is an act of self-love. The most important part is taking the time and creating those special moments, for you and you alone.

3. Remember, you’re beautiful

When you look in the mirror, do you see your smallest flaws? Do you focus on the things you don’t like? You are probably much harder on yourself than on your best friend. Remember to be your own best friend.
To love yourself means recognizing your unique feminine power and beauty, and that comes only from within. Your inner beauty is your ultimate source of strength. Make sure you nourish it by surrounding yourself with people who lift you up. And when you look in the mirror, go beyond the reflection and focus on your true beauty, your soul.

According to the practice of mindfulness, anything you can imagine, you can make possible. So, imagine yourself in situations that you want to manifest and believe in it. 

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