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How skin care and the Hygge way of living benefit each other

Wellbeing is not a simple, linear concept. Rather, it is a complex merging of all aspects of a human being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. However, it is the Danish who have succeeded in defining the complexity of wellness into one, comforting word: Hygge. What is Hygge? It is a cosy, content and joyful way of being in the world. It’s the calming sensation of curling up in comfortable woolen socks with a great book. It’s relishing the company of family and friends with good food and wine. It’s taking a few minutes out of every day to nourish the skin and soul with wonderful beauty care.


Mind-body connection

Today, more than ever, medical and psychological science supports the claim that mind and body are intimately entwined. Our thoughts and feelings have a direct impact to our bodies. It is well-known that emotional stress may trigger a wide range of physiological reactions. Even the skin, our biggest organ, is influenced by our wellness. Therefore, taking the time to care for our wellbeing, and controlling stress is so important to all elements of our lives.


Reducing stress & creating Hygge in our lives

The proven connection between body and mind empowers us with many opportunities to take matters into our own hands. Hygge is in reach for all of us. In spite of the daily challenges and struggles that arise at work, in our relationships or within ourselves, there are many ways that we can help ourselves, without spending a fortune, or taking too much time out of our busy schedules.



Alma K - live well

Alma K: The power of relaxation from the outside in

There are moments when taking action can lead to deep shifts at the soul level. That’s why a relaxing, nourishing and rejuvenating beauty routine, even just a few minutes every day, can make a world of difference to our sense of wellbeing. This is the philosophy behind Alma K Dead Sea Minerals: Feed the Skin. Pamper the Soul.


Much more than skin care, with delicate fragrances and caressing textures-  Alma K products are designed to offer experiences that nourish and balance both skin and soul. Whether cleansing and clarifying, moisturizing and replenishing, or calming and soothing, Alma K’s products are the ultimate way to create moments of Hygge in your daily life.


Making Hygge a habit

The most effective way to bring wellness into our lives is to build a routine that gives constant opportunities for calm, satisfaction and Hygge. Whether hanging out with good friends, eating good food or pampering yourself in your beauty routine – creating and appreciating Hygge moments in your life will contribute to your sense of wellbeing and joy.




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