Why your skin needs SPF protection all year round

Everyone already knows that summer is a danger zone for the skin, and UV rays can turn a relaxing sunbathing session into risky business. Besides sunburn, UV exposure also causes long term damage, like excessive dryness, fine lines and loss of elasticity.

What you might not know is that all these things happen to unprotected skin even in the winter. It’s not just the hot sun that’s to blame. So how is skin affected by UV radiation, and what can you do for your skin 365 days a year to keep it youthful looking? Read on!

Understanding UV

There are two types of UV light rays – UVA and UVB. UVB rays are stronger and responsible for causing sunburn, however UVA light rays are the real culprit all year round. UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply and cause the damage that leads to aging and wrinkles. What’s more, UVA light travels through clouds and windows, so even while indoors or on overcast days, your skin is exposed to UVA radiation.

Here are some ways you might be exposed to skin damage any day of the year, without even realizing it:

Indoor lighting

Lightbulbs emit UV radiation in small doses, however, if you spend a lot of time at the office or indoors under lighting, then your skin is getting cumulative exposure. This is truer in the winter, when days are shorter and darker, and people tend to rely more on lighting.

Computers and mobile devices

Nearly 50% of people spend 5 hours or more on their mobile phones, every day! The blue light emitted by computer and mobile phone screens can lead to pigmentation and other skin damage. Particularly as we spend so much time looking at screens, the long-term harm may be substantial


People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that if they are out of the sun, their skin is safe. But this is not so. UVA rays are light rays, so your skin is exposed to UVA whenever there is daylight, even if the weather is cold and cloudy, and even when you are indoors. Besides UVA pollution, the usual environmental hazards in the air, such as chemicals, dust, and impurities, also build up in the skin, contributing to dullness, loss of elasticity, fine lines and premature aging.

Your skin needs 365-day SPF defense

Bottom line: your skin needs SPF UV defense, not just when the sun is shining but every day, in all weathers.
But your skin also needs other ingredients to stay healthy and young-looking, like the nourishing hydration of botanical oils, skin cell renewal effects of hyaluronic acid, replenishing Dead Sea minerals and exotic Bakuchiol, nature’s own anti-aging ingredient.
If the skin can have all these things at once, even better!

Regenerating Day Cream

Here’s the perfect product to add to your daily beauty regimen: Regenerating Day Cream SPF 30 by Alma K, formulated to provide 3-in-1 hydration, anti-aging and UV protection, 365 days a year.

With daily use, you’ll not only give your skin the UV protection it needs, you’ll also give it extra replenishing moisture and renewing care. And the best part? Even though Regenerating Day Cream provides all this, it is incredibly light in texture and comfortable on the skin, so you won’t feel as if you’re wearing it.

Sun, wind, rain or shine, your skin needs SPF protection. Add Alma K Regenerating Day Cream SPF30 into your daily skincare routine, and you’re covered!

Bottom line: your skin needs SPF UV defense, not just when the sun is shining but every day, in all weathers.

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