Alma K-ITCHEN! Discover the tastes of Wellness

Inside every jar of Alma K is a unique blend of nourishing, high quality ingredients sourced from nature. Each ingredient is specially chosen for its purifying, hydrating and relaxing benefits for skin and soul.
But did you know that many of Alma K’s natural ingredients are also edible and completely delicious? We’re taking Alma K into the kitchen and exploring the vibrant world of food via nourishing ingredients you’ll find in Alma K products.

Wellness Festival 2022: Food for Mind, Body, Love!

At Alma K, we love food as much as we love skin care! Food is so much more than fuel for the body – it feeds the mind and the soul, and it connects family and friends with shared passion and flavors.
Alma K products contain some of nature’s most nourishing elements, including botanical oils, herbal extracts, and plant butters, as well as Dead Sea salts. Many of these ingredients are known for their skin benefits, but they are also very healthy to eat, thanks to high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. The main ingredients found in Alma K formulas – like cocoa, chamomile, rosemary and lemon – are also found in the pantry or fridge. So we’re opening our minds (and the fridge!) and creating original, exclusive and tasty recipes based on Alma K natural ingredients.
And who better to ask for help than two of our favorite foodie influencers in the world.

Meet your Foodie Hosts

Creating delicious recipes from Alma K ingredients requires not just food expertise but a passion for wellness too. That’s why we asked Emanuela Caorsi and Claudia Cecere (AKA “Fitbakeryit”) to join in the fun!

Emanuela Coarsi

Emanuela Caorsi 

Former athlete, yoga instructor and holistic nutrition expert who focuses on listening to the body’s needs and nourishing it accordingly.

Claudia Cecere

Claudia Cecere 

AKA “Fitbakeryit”, is a passionate foodie, food blogger, and mum who prefers light, healthy cooking without sugar, butter, or preservatives.

Fast, Easy, Nutritious Emanuela and Claudia got busy creating original recipes that each include a specific Alma K ingredient. Because we know you lead busy lives, we asked for the recipes not to be just nourishing and tasty, but really easy and quick to prepare too. The results? Take a look!

Wellness never tasted so good!
Taste the healthy possibilities of Alma K’s natural ingredients


Brighten your mood with healthy, delicious snack bars, bursting with antioxidants and the feel-good effects of smooth cocoa. 



What’s the secret of true love? Sage! Discover the Alma K ingredient that soothes the skin and invigorates the senses. 



Keep calm and eat a muffin! These muffins contain soothing chamomile, so they’re not just delicious but relaxing too!



Bursting with healthy antioxidants, this biscuit recipe is full of zesty surprises. What’s the secret Alma K ingredient?

Got your appetite going?
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