2023 Summer must-haves for your skin: The perfect routine to prep for those sunny days

Summer is so much fun… but your skin might get a little stressed! Did you know that it can easily be damaged by strong sun rays, hot temperatures, sweat and more?

That’s why you need to go beyond sunscreen and get into a gentle yet effective skincare routine that cleanses, nourishes and hydrates sun-kissed skin, while treating your body to sculpting body care to look even more fantastic on the beach. Get inspired by our selection of must-haves for the ultimate summer skincare routine and look and feel amazing in the sunshine… worry-free!

Your tanned skin will love this best-seller! It’s more than a scrub – a 2-in-1 formula that exfoliates and nourishes the skin, while removing dead and dry skin, and boosting blood circulation for a healthy, smooth glow.

How to use: You can use it in the shower every day. It’s the perfect match to cleanse dirt, buildup and summer days, for a refreshed and replenished feeling thanks to the natural oils in it!

Have you heard about our latest launch? We developed the perfect formula to sculpt and lift your less-favorite bits, so you can have flawless-looking skin.
It contains two unique ingredients that work together to tone the body:
● PhytosonicTM – This exclusive patented ingredient helps to stimulate elasticity and firm and tone flabby-looking skin. It also contains caffeine that helps increase blood flow and radiance for beautifully sculpted results.
● Hyaluronic acid – Versatile ingredient that delivers natural hydrating and plumping action. Once absorbed, it acts as a cushion barrier to reduce the appearance of fine lines, while smoothing and softening the skin.

How to use: Use it twice a day on clean skin before heading out in your swimsuit or summer dress for a firm, sculpted look. No sticky feeling, guaranteed!

We know that – sweating is a real thing in summertime, that’s why your armpits need a treat, too! Keep them nourished and fresh for up to 48 hours with our new Active Protection Roll-On Deodorant. It’s long-lasting, yet gentle on the skin. No aluminum, no alcohol and absolutely sensitive skin tested. We have a deodorant for men too

How to use: Perfect for every summer day, but also for other seasons too! Roll it on in the morning on clean skin and you’re good to go.

The ultimate makeup remover for summer days! Light and refreshing, it only takes a wipe to remove makeup, dirt and impurities – no oily residues and no need to rinse or wash off! It’s gentle, effective and easy to use, for the days when the heat is real.

How to use: It takes a gentle wipe or two in the evenings or after long days in the sun… as simple as that!

Sun is fun, but it can also make your skin age faster and damage your skin barrier easily. Our moisturizing cream contains SPF 30 protection, so besides being nourishing and hydrating, it is also age-defying… all in one!

How to use: Smooth it on every day before stepping out in the sun to protect, nourish and support face skin.

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