3 Common hair struggles and how to treat them easily

There’s no such thing as perfect hair, and every hair type has its challenges. Curly hair can easily turn to frizz. Fine hair often appears dull and lifeless. Frequent coloring or exposure to chemical treatment can damage hair over time, leaving it desperate for extra nourishment.

Let’s look at three common hair issues and how to solve them in your everyday hair care routine.

Damaged & Dry Hair

There are lots of ways that hair can become damaged, like aging or simply being out in the sun too long. If you color or straighten your hair regularly, or if you swim a lot and your hair is exposed to chlorine and other chemicals, then it’s even more at risk of damage. The solution is to be proactive and replenish and future-proof hair regularly to help keep it healthy.

The Alma K Damage Recovery line contains natural antioxidant-rich argan oil, hyaluronic acid and Dead Sea minerals that not only help repair damaged hair but protect against future damage too. It is also rich in shea butter, a superfood that replenishes lost nutrients and builds strength and resilience.

Damage and repair hair line

Quick tip!

If your hair is very dry, you may tend towards oily scalp. In this case, use just a small amount of powerful Damage Recovery Shampoo so you don’t overwork the scalp skin.

Frizz Prone Hair

Anyone with naturally curly or wavy hair knows that beautiful curls don’t just happen – they are carefully created and defined with nourishing attention. Curls are gorgeous when they are smooth and bouncy. But they can easily turn into unwanted and unruly frizz that gets out of control, particularly in certain weather or if the hair is missing vital moisture.

Alma K Curls Defined line is here to rescue runaway curls with a deeply nourishing complex of avocado butter, macadamia oil and Dead Sea minerals that restores hydration, helps smooth curls, and make them more manageable.

Curly Hair line

Quick tip!

While shampooing with Curl Defined Shampoo, hold the hair at the tips and lather. This way you won’t create unnecessary tangles.

Dull & Lifeless Hair

Every shampoo commercial features shiny hair, and here’s why – brilliant hair looks healthy and beautiful! If your hair is often dull looking, it may be lacking in essential nourishment. This reduces vitality but it has another effect too – the hair fibers are not replenished and smooth, so they don’t reflect as much light as they should. This can be easily fixed with the right nourishing formulas.
Alma K Back to Glow line is made of extra replenishing blends of rosemary oil, cocoa butter, walnut oil, and Dead Sea minerals that restore lost nutrients and smooth the hair fibers, enhancing light reflections for a brilliant shine.

Shine and Glow Hair Line

Quick tip!

Apply Back to Glow Conditioner on the hair fibers where it can work wonders, not the scalp. Use Back to Glow Mask on the tips for extra shine effect.

Just as hair comes in all ‘shapes and sizes’, you need a treatment to match it, too, and Alma K Hair Care Line has the answer for you!

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