The Dead Sea is a wondrous natural treasure, bursting with minerals that revive and regenerate the skin. Let’s take a journey through the Dead Sea region and explore why a sea named after death is actually a famous fountain of life.

Deep in the heart of the Mediterranean region, nestled in the Great African-Syrian Rift between Israel and Jordan, lies the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the world’s most ancient spa. Throughout history, kings, queens and commoners have flocked to the Dead Sea for its healing power for skin conditions and other ailments. But what makes the Dead Sea so special? How does a body of water described as “dead” have such nourishing and life-giving effects?

It’s all about geology.

The Dead Sea is a phenomenon created by many different factors. The sea is located at the lowest point on earth, 423 meters below sea level. More a lake than a sea, the Dead Sea has no outlet. So the waters collect, and intense evaporation leaves behind a rich, nourishing sediment of salts, mud and minerals. The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, with 34% salinity – making it nearly 9 times saltier than regular ocean water. The high concentration of salt makes it impossible for life to flourish in the water. There are no fish or plants in the Dead Sea. This is the origin of its name. The high salinity is also the cause of the famous floating effect. When you swim in the Dead Sea, your body will be buoyed by the dense water – an amazing experience!

Maximum minerals.

The intensive concentration of 21 minerals in the Dead Sea is the key to the sea’s health-giving reputation. Dead Sea mud and water is saturated in these minerals, which are rapidly absorbed by the skin, maximizing their healing and regenerating power. Visitors to the Dead Sea can be seen slathering rich black mud all over their skin, from mud pools scattered along the sea shores. A swim in the Dead Sea softens and nourishes the skin, leaving a replenished smooth feel. And the rapid evaporation of Dead Sea water into the low pressure atmosphere makes even breathing the air at the Dead Sea region a therapeutic experience. It’s no wonder that the Dead Sea has earned the title of a ‘natural spa’.

Skin salvation.

The composition of minerals in the Dead Sea is particularly renowned for its healing and anti-aging effects on the skin. This is not merely a beauty fad. Through the years, modern medicine and science have clinically proven the skin benefits of Dead Sea elements. In fact, many dermatological patients from all over the world are sent to the Dead Sea by their treating doctors. The secret of the Dead Sea effect is in the naturally pure, intensive and powerful cocktail of minerals absorbed by the skin every time it comes into contact with Dead Sea mud, water and salts.



Improves the skin’s moisture level, soothes and heals, enhances skin metabolism.


Balances the skin’s moisture level, maintains a healthy skin pH.


Protects skin cells, regulates oil production, balances and tones.


Enhances skin renewal, antioxidant rich, soothes and heals.


Calms and soothes, anti-inflammatory properties.


Natural anti-bacterial activity, contains essential vitamins.


Fortifies the skin for moisture absorption, enhances skin metabolism.


Antioxidant rich, improves skin circulation, improves skin elasticity.

Alma K products are fortified with Dead Sea minerals, strategically formulated to optimize the skin care effect.

Before bedtime is the perfect time to give your skin a touch of natural pampering affection!

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