The Dead Sea: The science behind the magic

Let's take a journey through the Dead Sea region and explore why a sea named after death is actually a legendary fountain of life.

The Dead Sea is perhaps the most famous body of water in the world, and it’s all thanks to its dramatic name! The reasons why this sea is “Dead” are purely geological and scientific, but the Dead Sea has been regarded for thousands of years as a wondrous, almost magical place of healing and wellness.

Let’s take a journey through the Dead Sea region and explore why a sea named after death is actually a legendary fountain of life.

Where exactly is the Dead Sea located?
The Dead Sea lies in the Mediterranean region, in the Great African-Syrian Rift between Israel and Jordan. It is situated at the lowest point on earth, 423 meters below sea level. To get to the Dead Sea, you must travel on a windy modern road down through the desert, meet a camel here or there by the roadside, down to a deep ancient valley lined with palm trees and surrounded on all sides by rocky, primeval mountains. The Dead Sea is the sparkling jewel at the center of this breathtaking landscape.

What’s so special about the Dead Sea?
Throughout history, kings and queens have flocked to the Dead Sea for its healing effects on skin conditions and other ailments, and for its powerful natural beauty treatments. The Dead Sea is considered the world’s most ancient spa, and modern science proves why: it is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, with 34% salinity – making it nearly 9 times saltier than regular ocean water. Unlike other lakes, the Dead Sea has no outlet, and intense evaporation leaves behind a rich, nourishing sediment of salts, mud and minerals. This is the reason why the Dead Sea is so powerfully healing.

OK, but why is it called the DEAD Sea?
The Dead Sea is so salty, life simply cannot flourish in its waters. There are no fish or flora in the Dead Sea. The high concentration of salt is also the cause of the famous floating effect. When you swim in the Dead Sea, your body will be buoyed by the dense water – an amazing experience! Be careful though; due to the high levels of salt, it must NOT be swallowed or ingested and it can sting if you have open sores. Gently does it!

What minerals are in the Dead Sea?
The Dead Sea has a unique combination of 21 minerals in very high concentration. There is nowhere else in the world where you can find this exact blend of minerals, and that is the key to the sea’s health-giving reputation. Here are the main Dead Sea minerals and their wellness effects:


Magnesium: Improves the skin’s moisture level, soothes and heals, enhances skin metabolism.
Potassium: Balances the skin’s moisture level, maintains a healthy skin pH.
Calcium: Protects skin cells, regulates oil production, balances and tones.
Zinc: Enhances skin renewal, antioxidant rich, soothes and heals.
Bromine: Calms and soothes, anti-inflammatory properties.
Sulfur: Natural anti-bacterial activity, contains essential vitamins.
Sodium: Fortifies the skin for moisture absorption, enhances skin metabolism.
Manganese: Antioxidant rich, improves skin circulation, improves skin elasticity.

How to get the benefits of the Dead Sea?
There are several ways to treat your body and soul at the Dead Sea. Dead Sea beaches are scattered with pools of rich black mud at the shoreline. Slather it freely on your skin for a body mask in nature! A swim in the Dead Sea softens and nourishes the skin, leaving a replenished smooth feel. Plus, you can spend a few minutes floating with your eyes closed – a wonderful way to relax the mind. The rapid evaporation of Dead Sea water into the low pressure atmosphere makes even breathing the air at the Dead Sea region a therapeutic experience. It’s no wonder that the Dead Sea has earned the title of a ‘natural spa’.

I’d love to visit the Dead Sea one day. In the meantime, what to do?
If the Dead Sea is on your bucket list, you can still enjoy the benefits of Dead Sea minerals without leaving home. Alma K products are fortified with authentic Dead Sea minerals, sourced directly from the sea itself. Create your own Dead Sea home spa with help from every jar of Alma K face, body, and soul products. It’s the perfect Me Time moment, inspired by the most nourishing, magical place on earth.

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