How to make your summer tan last longer

Fall is on its way, so you’ll soon say goodbye to vacation vibes, beach trips, and sun-kissed skin.
But you don’t have to, not just yet!
With the right routine, you can keep your skin hydrated and balanced, so your tan will last as long as possible.
Follow these 4 tips for a smooth end-of-summer skin routine:

Keep moisturizing all summer long

Everyone knows that cold winter weather makes the skin dry. But the heat of the summer is also very drying on the skin. It’s really important to keep moisturizing all through the summer, morning and night, and particularly after you’ve been out in the sun or heat. Hydrated skin is healthy, smooth skin, and that will make your summer glow stand out for longer.

Don’t forget to exfoliate

The daily buildup of impurities and dead skin cells on the skin’s surface dulls the skin and conceals your tan. Exfoliating a few times a week helps unclog the pores, reduces blemishes and removes the surface layer to expose fresh, healthy tanned skin. Alma K’s best-selling Stimulating Body Scrub contains Dead Sea salts that are ideally sized for the best exfoliating effect, while also replenishing the skin with nourishing minerals and natural oils.

Wash your face

This might seem obvious, but it is all too easy to forget to cleanse during busy summer time. Washing the face morning and night is absolutely essential to keep skin clean, free of impurities and build up that can hamper your natural glow. Summer can already be tough on the skin, so make sure to choose a gentle cleanser that will do the job without stressing or drying the skin.

Don’t skip on eye cream

Sun exposure can cause wrinkles, and the most vulnerable skin is the delicate area around the eyes. That’s why it’s essential to make eye care a priority the whole summer long. Use a powerful eye cream with age-defying ingredients to help reduce the effects of the sun. Make sure to apply morning and night, and don’t forget to wear sunglasses!

Bye bye summer

The hot summer days are getting a bit shorter, and you know what that means. It’s time to start your end-of-summer skin care routine. Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and don’t forget the important eye area. That way, you’ll keep your smooth tanned look, and make your summer skin last.

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