Cleaner, greener: How Alma K is helping to save the planet

Natural effective skincare is so important for smooth, glowing skin. You can’t live without your beauty routine.

But whenever you finish a tub of body butter, or face cream, and throw the empty container away, you wonder whether taking care of your skin may be damaging the planet.
After all, even nature-sourced skincare has packaging!
But don’t worry, it is totally possible to nourish and pamper your skin in an eco-friendly way, with less waste and a smaller footprint.

We know because we’re working on it. At Alma K, we’re taking meaningful steps to become more sustainable – not just in our philosophy, but in our formulas, products, and packaging. To celebrate Earth Day, we’d like to show you what we’ve been up to.

Purer packaging

Going green is a process, and we’re proud to say we are well on our way. Alma K is gradually moving towards sustainable packaging, relying more on PCR (post consumer recycled) solutions than ever before. We are part of the movement to reuse consumer plastics so they stay out of the landfills for longer, and get way more use throughout their lifetime.

Soon, our new Firming Body Lotion will be available, which comes in tube packaging partially made of PCR.

Future focused

Taking care of the planet is a top priority
for Alma K and we’re looking ahead to a future that is bright and healthy. Tomorrow
starts today, so we’re already reducing and eliminating as much paper and
plastic waste as possible, in our offices and production centers. Plus, we are
gearing up with some exciting new developments for clean, zero-waste packaging.
Stay tuned for further updates!

Skincare and planet care

Healthy skin and a healthy planet – at Alma K, we’re doing our part to make both a reality.

Just like your skin, our planet needs gentle,
loving care. And, just as we are committed to nature-loving skincare, Alma K is
deeply invested in taking care of the Earth, today and for future generations.

Clean beauty

Alma K has always been a champion for nature-based skincare, since our very first product. We are constantly looking for ways to promote clean beauty, sourcing purer ingredients that are great for the skin and good for the planet too.

Our bamboo  Reusable Facial Cleansing Pads are the perfect example. Made of soft natural bamboo cotton, these facial pads are machine washable so you can use them over and over again. Say goodbye to the unnecessary waste of disposable pads, and join us in going greener and cleaner for your daily cleansing routine.

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