Beauty that lies in the Mimosa flower

Every year on March 8, people in Italy and all over the world come together to show their appreciation for women and celebrate women’s achievements. Italian women enjoy bouquets of Mimosa flowers, given to them in honor of the day by their partners and loved ones. Beautiful!

But why the Mimosa? In 1946, two Italian women fighting for women’s equality handed out Mimosa branches to show support and respect for one another. And the Mimosa flower has been the symbol of Women’s Day ever since.

Soft yet strong

The mimosa is a very striking flower, its small round blooms in bright bold yellow growing in thick bunches. You can’t miss it! The Mimosa flower is delicate, yet incredibly intense and resilient – just like women.

Native to Australia, the plant grows just about anywhere, and blooms in the winter, just in time for Women’s Day.

Calm and elegant – like Alma K!

The Mimosa flower symbolizes respect, elegance, dignity and kindness – all qualities that women are praised for all year round and especially on Women’s Day.

Women everywhere need and deserve some calming time just for themselves.

At Alma K, we call it “Me Time” – and it is the most important gift that only you can give to yourself. While women are often the caretakers of others, it is important that they also take those moments for themselves, just like we advocate at Alma K.

We are dedicated to women putting themselves first, and pampering not only their skin but their soul too, making sure it gets the loving care it needs, all year round.

This Women’s Day, we hope you embrace your “Me-Time” and enjoy the calm, beautiful and bold Mimosa flower, and celebrate your unique, and feminine spirit.

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