Why You Need to Add Wellness to Your Life

Here’s a little secret for you: You don’t need self-help books, an expensive spa membership, or six months at a Buddhist monastery to feel better, look better and be better. Wellness comes from the inside, and it’s the best friend you’ll ever have! But it does need one thing: total devotion from you.

When you do things to take care of yourself, over and over, they become habits. And lots of healthy habits add up to wellness. Wellness is all the “me-time” moments you include in your everyday routine.

So why do you need wellness in your life?

(And why you don’t have to become a Zen master to get it?) Let’s see.

Wellness is relaxing

When there’s true wellness, no sugar rush or retail therapy is necessary. Wellness is a physiological state that lowers your blood pressure, loosens the muscles, and slows your breathing. And that calms the mind too. Meditation and mindfulness are great relaxation techniques. Also try a long, warm bubble bath, listen to soothing music, or slow-motion exercises like tai chi and yoga.

Wellness is healthy

Wellness is cooking healthy meals with love from fresh, raw ingredients, rather than ordering fast food takeaway. Wellness is getting 8 hours’ sleep, not staying up late binge-watching night after night. Wellness is turning off your phone and reading a book that nourishes the soul. But don’t worry – you can still go wild every now and then! When you build healthy habits into a wellness routine, you can come back to it whenever you need to, even after last night’s party.

Wellness makes you confident

When you control your wellness, you control your life. At every moment, you make the choice that feels right for you. Got the sniffles? Skip your daily exercise and brew a herbal tea instead. Need a bit of down time? Get off social media, light an aromatherapy candle, and do some journaling. No one decides how to treat your body and soul but YOU! Is there anything more empowering than that?

Wellness is good for your skin

If the eyes are a window to the soul, then skin is a window to your wellness. Who hasn’t had an acne flare up before a stressful deadline? Or dull, irritated skin after too much alcohol or sugary food? Boost wellness from the outside with a regular skin care routine using nature-sourced products rich in nourishing ingredients. Plus, the daily “me-time” spent cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturizing are all incredibly soothing for the soul as well as for the skin – bonus points for wellness!


Wellness makes happier relationships 🙂

Wellness is contagious! It doesn’t just make you feel better; it helps you relate with others in a more positive, calm and purposeful way, so your relationships are healthier too. Friends and family will notice, and they may even be inspired to take on some wellness habits of their own. Isn’t it crazy? When you take care of yourself, you are caring for others too.

Wellness is not complicated.

It’s about choosing activities every day that lift up your body and soul. Like these:

  • A walk with your pet
  • A long hot shower
  • A phone call with a true friend
  • Writing a poem
  • Relaxing with a face mask
  • Baking a healthy cake
  • Hugging your mom

The list is endless, and completely up to you. What would you add?