The Dead Sea: NOT Your Average Vacation

Summer’s nearly here and vacation vibe is in the air!

You’ve heard a lot about the Dead Sea as a spa and skin care destination. But what if we were to tell you that there’s another side to the Dead Sea? It’s the kind of fun that can only be had at the lowest point on Earth…

So, fasten your seatbelt, let’s take a tour of the things to see and do on your Dead Sea vacation.


Take it fast (or slow)


The Dead Sea region boasts spectacular desert scenery unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Take it fast with an extreme jeep tour or take it slow with a desert hike. No matter your speed, you’ll see amazing view, ibexes (it’s a desert goat – Google it!), and lush botanical gardens blooming in the desert.


Take a selfie at Masada


Ever wanted to take a selfie on top of an ancient Roman fort at sunrise? Now’s your chance! Climb the 700 steps to the top of Masada and celebrate with a gorgeous selfie set against the backdrop of the spectacular desert sunrise. Too tired from last night’s desert party? Take the cable car instead.

Float with a good book


You simply cannot visit the Dead Sea without experiencing the floating. Dead Sea water is so dense, you won’t ever sink. The whole sea is like one giant inflatable water mattress! So, grab a good book and a cocktail, and lay back on the water to enjoy the famous floating sensation.


Take home a “saltball”


The shores of the Dead Sea are saturated in amazing salt formations. Forget magnets and postcards – take home a ball of Dead Sea salt for a truly unique souvenir. Just grab it from the shore – it’s nature’s gift!


Desert tent or 5-star hotel?


Whatever your vibe, take your pick of Dead Sea accommodations. Choose from camping, desert huts and even Bedouin tent-style hospitality. If you’re a 5-star girl, there’s plenty of luxury hotels to choose from – and the whole area has just been recently renovated, including a new promenade along the Dead Sea shore.


What to pack?


Heading to the Dead Sea? Don’t shut the suitcase yet! Remember to take your swimsuit, flip-flops, walking shoes and sunglasses. If it’s not high summer, throw in a cardigan – desert nights can be surprisingly cool. And don’t forget your Alma K Take Me Away travel kit. It’s got everything you need to pamper yourself with the nourishment of the Dead Sea – while on vacation at the Dead Sea! In perfect, convenient mini size, too.


Happy Vacation!