Which Mask Does Your Skin Need Now?

You’re busy all week. Between work, fun, family and friends, you’ve hardly the time to sit down for a proper meal! A quick breakfast, a snack here and there – but finally, it’s the weekend, and you’ve got the time and space to enjoy a leisurely, satisfying, delicious, nutritious and relaxing meal.


Sometimes, your skin needs that extra intensive nourishment too. The truly deep, replenishing experience that only the best face masks can give. Like a hearty, relaxing meal, a face mask treatment is not something you do every day, but it’s vital to making sure your skin is supported and balanced over time.


There’s No Such Thing As One Skin Type


Although skin is generally categorized as ‘Normal’, ‘Dry’ or ‘Oily’, the truth is that no skin is just a type. It is much more than that. The skin’s needs are changing all the time, from month to month, day to day, even hour to hour. The weather, diet, sleep, age, stress – the list of things that affect the state of your skin is endless! At different times and at various life stages, the skin demands different mask treatments to give exactly the support it needs. That’s where Alma K’s face mask range comes into the picture.

A Menu of Face Masks


Alma K has a triple menu of face masks, each formulated to care for skin in a different way. Mineral Peeling Mask is enriched with the ultra-nourishment of Dead Sea minerals, in a gentle peeling formula that exfoliates and refines the skin surface, leaving a smooth renewed glow. Purifying Mud Mask is a rich nutritive mud-based mask that is designed to detox the skin and rebalance the natural moisture level while nourishing with essential vitamins and minerals.


And that brings us to the latest addition to the Alma K Face Mask line – Rich Nourishing Mask, the skin’s answer to the deepest nourishing experience, based on a multi-botanical complex that is suitable for all skin types – but especially helpful to dry skin that needs extra intensive replenishment.


When Regular Hydration is Just Not Enough


Rich Nourishing Mask is formulated to give the kind of deep care that every skin needs from time to time. Faced with extreme hot or cold weather, hormonal effects or a dozen other reasons, the skin sometimes needs extra-rich nourishment to replace lost moisture and restore the skin’s ideal balance. The multi-botanical complex in Rich Nourishing Mask is a blend of natural plant oils and extracts, specially selected to restore the skin. The intensive mask is fortified with antioxidant-rich Dead Sea minerals and vitamin E that help to boost the skin’s natural repair, and replenish with essential nutrition and hydration.


In fact, the mask is ideal for overnight use, providing the perfect opportunity for your skin to be nourished while you rest, so you can wake up to smooth radiant skin that glows.


The thing to remember is this: there’s no one face mask that can solve every skin need. When it comes to smart skin nourishment, take a look at Alma K’s face mask “menu”. And when the skin is dry, dull and in need of a deeper, richer boost of nourishment, make sure to select Rich Nourishing Mask, Alma K’s answer to beautifully restored skin.


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