Make the Most Out of Your Beach Day

You take a peek outside and yes! It’s a perfect, sunny day and you are looking to make the most of it! Who wants to spend their times indoors when the promise of laugher, fun, and good times eagerly await you outside? Make the most of your time basking in the sun’s rays by following the tips below.


Try Something New

No day like the present! Whether you’re a veteran beach goer or new to the sandy scene, go for an activity that may be out of your comfort zone. Check beforehand if the beach you will be going to offers lessons in surfing or rentals for dune buggies. Going someplace more low-key? Try being the first person to arrive at the beach and enjoy a yoga practice with only the hum of the waves as your companion.


Come Prepared

Mother Nature’s gift of a clear, warm day at the beach is something to take full advantage of.  Pack a cooler with drinks and readymade food to have on hand for a fun sunny picnic. Also consider bringing a big over-sized umbrella for instant shade as well as some towels to give you a comfy place to lie down on if sitting directly on the sand is not your thing.


Who says that you can’t look marvelous while at the beach? Show off a little bit of flair to match this stunning sunlit day with a couple of cute accessories. Sunglasses are a great place to start! Over-sized or funky shapes and colors – you can set the vibe with this simple go to. Straw floppy hats are another easy yet effect way to add some fun and style to your beach day.


Sun Care Made Easy

Use it as a spray or cream but sunscreen is of the utmost importance when it comes to spending time in direct sunlight. But don’t worry – Alma K has got you covered. Alma K’s extensive sun care line not only offers the best protection from head to toe but also a spa like experience that will only add to your memorable outing. Make sure to apply the sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside for best results!


Nifty Tricks

It’s always a good idea to have a couple of cleaver tricks up your sleeve especially when it comes to a day at the beach. Clean out an empty lotion bottle and use it to store valuables, such as your car keys or loose change. Next is baby powder, which is great at removing sand from skin! Just sprinkle some on, rub gently, and watch the sand instantly disappear.