Fresh, Natural Boost From the Inside

Prepare Your Own Spa Water .

Prepare Your Own Spa Water Beverage with Easy Healthy Recipes

Complete the Alma K home spa experience with fabulously refreshing and delicious spa water blends. Pure clean water, infused with the tastes of nature, in a range of combinations to suit your mood. Enjoy a vitalizing boost in the morning, post-workout treat, midday pick-me-up or cool soothing drink before bedtime. Best of all, savor the flavors of fresh fruits and herbs in natural cocktail recipes prepared in minutes in your very own kitchen.

Try out these blends:

  • Lemon + Mint + Cucumber + Water
  • Berries + Basil + Water
  • Strawberries + Lemon + Basil + Water
  • Orange +Blueberries + Water
  • Watermelon + Kiwi + Strawberries + Water
  • Raspberries + Lemon + Water
Prepare Your Own Spa Water

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