Mask for your body? YES Please!

Face masks have been a longtime companion in our skin care routine. Cleansing or hydrating – we know that for deep treatment, there is nothing like a good mask at least once a week. But let’s not forget your body. After all, body or face, your skin is all the same organ. Why not give your body the same care and love you treat your face?


With this in mind, we went on a mission to give you the ultimate body mask – effective and easy to use!

Harnessing the power of potent Dead Sea water to do the job, we created the Detoxifying Mineral-Rich Body Mask.


Specially formulated to deep detox and purify body skin all , the minerals in our new detox mask are known not only for cleansing – they also nourish and hydrate the skin for the best glow and healthiest look.


Concentrated with 90% Dead Sea salt and water, the detox body mask is enriched with the healing and health benefits of Dead Sea salt. Let’s take a ‘dip’ into the waters of the Dead Sea and discover what makes Dead Sea water so good – and why your skin needs it.


Take a Dip into the Wonder of Dead Sea Water


What is Dead Sea salt?


Dead Sea salt contains 21 minerals, twelve of which are only found in the waters of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. Despite its name, Dead Sea salt is very much ‘alive’ in its power to detox, hydrate and heal.


A Powerful Purifier


Dead Sea salt contains rich concentrations of Calcium, whose cleansing properties help purify the skin from daily buildup. Sulfur, a natural detoxifier, is also found in small quantities in Dead Sea salt. Forget table salt – the Sodium in Dead Sea salt not only cleanses, but also exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin, removing the dull outer layer to give the ultimate detox experience.


A Super Hydrator


Known as a ‘miracle mineral,’ Magnesium in Dead Sea salt moisturizes, restores elasticity and helps repair damaged skin cells.  Rich infusions of Potassium make the skin softer by replenishing moisture and supporting a healthy PH balance.


A Natural Relaxer


Dead Sea salt contains the highest concentration of Bromine in the world, fifty times more than regular salt. Bromine works as an anti-allergen, naturally soothing the skin. Zinc and Magnesium also have qualities that help stimulate a sensation of calmness.


One of the most amazing effects of Dead Sea salt is its ability to relax the senses – even after just a few minutes of contact with the skin, you’ll get the unique, deeply rejuvenated feeling that comes from the mineral boost of Dead Sea salt.



We’ve concentrated all these benefits in an easy 2-minute treatment that will give you a mini Dead Sea experience in your own bathroom!


Check out Alma K Detoxifying Mineral-Rich Body Mask.