Your Bathroom is Your Personal Oasis

bathroom design

Make the most of your bathroom with a few simple, low-cost ideas

Alma K products are formulated with love to give you a perfect personal home spa experience.

Make the most of your Alma K moments by updating your bathroom design with simple, small changes that add loads of pleasure. It’s never been easier to turn your bathroom into a luxurious home-based spa, an oasis that you can escape to whenever you desire. Just you and the relaxing harmony of Alma K body and face care products, in your beautiful, personalized bathroom design.

Read on to discover tips and tricks to recreate your bathroom without breaking the bank:

bathroom design

Location is everything

Is your bathroom counter covered with lotions, potions and bottles? Towels strewn everywhere? Can’t find the cream you’re looking for? Reorganize your bathroom accessories with organizer trays, small baskets, extra towel hooks and other storage utensils to put some order back in your bathroom.

Upgrade your shower with one accessory

There’s one thing that’s most important to having a wonderfully relaxing shower. It’s the shower head. Over time, your shower head may become worn and clogged, affecting water flow and pressure. Replace your standard shower head with an inexpensive rainshower head, which creates a fabulous luxurious flow of water that feels amazing.

Bring nature indoors

Natural greenery affects your sense of mood and balance, particularly aromatic plants and colorful blooms. It is so easy to bring the great outdoors into your bathroom by purchasing a few fresh plants and placing them in strategic spots.

Sense the experience

Lighting and sound have an intense impact to your bathroom experience. Soften lighting with a weaker light bulb and add candles instead. Hang a curtain on the window to dampen bright light and noise. Bring a small music player into the bathroom and bathe to the sounds of your favorite tunes.

Soften your surroundings

Bathrooms tend to feel cold and hard. Soften your bathroom with assorted textiles that warm up your bathroom experience. Purchase extra fluffy towels, invest in a soft bathrobe and slippers, or even add a thick velvety bath mat that makes stepping out of the shower so much more inviting.


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