5 Reasons to love routines

The alarm clock rings, you go to work, come home, cook dinner, pay a few bills, watch Netflix, meditate, and off to bed. Repeat!
That’s what life looks like most of the time. It’s called routine, and yes, sometimes routines may seem boring.
But you know what?
Routines have gotten a bad rap. And that’s unfair because routines are important and healthy too. Let’s look at why.

Routines are stress relieving

Having a routine means things are predictable, and that means less stress. Any parent knows that routines make kids happier and more secure – it’s the same for adults too!

Routines create good habits

For healthy behaviors to have an impact, they must become habits. It takes an average of 66 days to form a habit, and routines will help you get there.

Routines help us improve

Practice makes perfect! When you do something regularly, you’ll get better and better at it.

Routines are efficient

They help us create patterns, so life is more organized in advance. Yoga twice a week, massage once a month, dentist every six months – you get the picture.

Routines are amazing for the skin

Routines give the skin what it needs on a regular basis, so it will be healthier, smoother and more glowy every day.

Routines are your skin’s best friend

Moisturize once a week, and your skin will often be thirsty and dry. Moisturize morning and night, and your skin won’t ever have the chance to get dehydrated.
Just like the rest of your life, your skin will benefit from routines too.
Here are a few ideas for skin care routines to inspire you:

Morning & evening routines

These are classic routines that you shouldn’t skip! In the morning, purify with Creamy Exfoliating Cleanser and apply Hydrating Day Cream or Age-Defying Regenerating Day Cream with SPF30 before putting on makeup. In the evening, gently clean the skin of buildup with Tender Makeup Remover that is also suitable for the delicate eye area, followed by Soothing Cleansing Milk and finally, Nourishing Night Cream.

Weekend routine

This is a great time to relax and give facial skin an intensive purifying and replenishing treatment. Use Peeling Mineral Mask, followed by Flawless Glow Serum and Reviving Eye Cream. For the body, use Stimulating Body Scrub, followed by the bestselling Nutritive Body Butter to deeply replenish the skin for the week ahead.

Pampering routine

Once a week, we recommend a pampering routine to give your skin and soul the nourishing attention they deserve. Enjoy a long soak with Crystal Dead Sea Bath Salts, apply Natural Dead Sea Black Mud to the whole body, followed by a soothing massage with Refreshing Foot Cream.

Just like the rest of your life, your skin will benefit from routines too.

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